Experience San Diego Restaurant Week 2017

San Diego Restaurant Week is a great way to kick off the year with exploring some of the finest menus in all of San Diego. In the different nooks and crannies of San Diego, you can find satisfaction for every kind of taste bud during the week of January 15-22.


For 8 days, this semi-annual event features over 180 high caliber restaurants at an affordable price to give people the opportunity to pig out and share their experience with loved ones. Cuisines include Greek, Chinese, Thai, and more with some restaurants featuring lunch menus, dinner menus or both to supply every foodie’s needs.


If you go to San Diego Restaurant Week's website, you can find special offers, reservations, and upcoming events. The website also gives you filtering options to suit the type of food you would like to try and the neighborhood that you would like to be in.


With prices ranging from $10-20 for a two-course lunch and $20-50 for a three-course dinner, there are many possibilities of where to dine out and experience new flavors during the week.


An extra special feature of this year’s restaurant week includes a dedication  to the arrival of Girl Scouting in San Diego in 1917. 100 years going strong in San Diego has lead to certain restaurants featuring Girl Scout items in their menus (look for the Girl Scout logo in restaurant profiles).


Join in the San Diego Restaurant Week experience fun with all of the foodies in your life!


Joe Ortega