San Diego Chargers Move to LA with New Head Coach


It is official, the San Diego Chargers have now become the Los Angeles Chargers in a sweep of events that took place in the last few weeks.


The Chargers have been San Diego’s beloved team for over 50 years and after announcing their farewell due to their move back to Los Angeles, many fans have been left upset about the situation that seemed to come out of nowhere.


Many fans believed that the Chargers would never leave San Diego and were heartbroken upon reading the announcement letter by Dean Spanos. The letter starts with the sentence:


After much deliberation, I have made the decision to relocate the Chargers to

Los Angeles, beginning with the 2017 NFL season.” (featured on


From reading just that one sentence, fans learned that the Chargers had come to the end of the line in San Diego and any hope they had that the team might stay had disappeared. Some fans refuse to support the Chargers after their move while others are loyal despite the relocation.


After a poor record of 27 wins to 37 losses in the last four seasons, the Chargers announced their decision to dismiss their head coach Mike McCoy in the beginning of this year. Anthony Lynn has now taken the role of head coach of the Chargers and it is his first time in this new role.


Once a runningback for the Denver Broncos, Lynn has now stepped into a new leadership role that will take him off the playing field and bring him into the world of strategizing a ticket to the Superbowl for the Chargers.


If Lynn hopes to succeed in this journey with the Los Angeles Chargers, he will have to help bring them to much farther than they have been the past four years in the coming seasons. The question now is: Will Lynn be able to do it?

FoxSports and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

Author: Jeannine Gonzales,